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A quaint home packed to the rafters with trinkets, curiosities, and the occasional miracle. A sleepy kingdom on the cusp of disaster. A wicker gate hanging by its hinges, with Somewhere Else lurking beyond. Three guardians who can save everything-- if they can stop squabbling long enough.

Wickedness is a peculiar tabletop game written for exactly three players and one tarot deck, with no dice and no GM.  Together, you'll form a coven between three mystical archetypes (the innocent and gentle Pure Heart, the volatile, revelrous Wild Spirit, and the uptight, scholarly Old Soul) and try to keep your world of magic and mystery in balance with the mundane world, in spite of its ignorance, poverty and violence.

The Game

Wickedness is played in three acts: in the first, players discover their coven, the sanctuary they call home, a mundane fantasy nation, and the treacherous underworld lurking beneath it. Each player will be assigned one of the three coven archetypes (The Pure Heart, The Old Soul, and The Wild Spirit) by the tarot deck, and then together they’ll create the world where they live, and the underworld's strange laws and denizens. Finally, they’ll ask heavy-hitting questions about the covens’ relationships to one another.

In the second chapter, the cards point to a series of challenges detailed in the games’ interpretation Guide, and the players respond: the coven can fall prey to their archetype-specific follies in order to collect cards, spend the cards to solve challenges with wisdom, or use the vast and terrible magic powers at their fingertips-- which is miraculous, but costs the user a piece of their essential nature, striking out and maybe even blackening and replacing a truth on their character sheet. So the players have to strike a balance between keeping the worlds from falling into darkness, and keeping one another from falling apart. If the scales tip too far in any direction, it’s entirely possible for the game to come to an abrupt and apocalyptic end.

The final chapter tempts the coven to go their separate ways, but also offers them opportunities to learn from their past mistakes and heal, and finally they'll face their ultimate fates, determining the future of the kingdom, the underworld, and the art of magic itself.

Wickedness uses a bespoke tarot-drawing system loosely inspired by Jay Dragon’s Sleepaway, and is a distant descendent of the Belonging Outside Belonging framework developed by Avery Alder and Benjamin Rosenbaum.

Actual Play

Check out all three parts of the Wickedness Actual Play with Brennan Lee Mulligan, Jeeyon Shim, and Jay Dragon here:


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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Great game

Hi! Awesome game, truly. So flavorful and the worlds created are really inspiring. Great work!

I'm getting ready for the Chapter 2 (We decided to play it in 2 sessions, first was Chapter 1). and i have a doubt regarding solving the Challenges with Wisdom. Can this be a group effort, or it's only one person discarding enough cards to solve a Challenge?

Thank you for the game!

Just one witch solves the problem with wisdom cards, I'm afraid! (Though the others' follies may narratively contribute to the conclusion)

It would be great to be able to have each of the booklets as separate files, so that we could print more copies of the Play Pages for repeat playthroughs at home - is that something that would be possible? 


I've never played a game that hit me this hard, it's actually so intense. Some points of clarification I had are for the cups challenges and the last folly.

For cups challenges, do we still have to choose folly/true magic/wisdom, or is it a more roleplay type challenge since the challenges dictate a unique success condition? I played it such that true magic or wisdom need not be used for these challenges but we also did not carry out follies and take wisdom.

For the final folly which states you can take 2 wisdom cards, is that on top of the wisdom card you take for performing a folly? So you end up taking 3 wisdom cards total? I played it as taking 3 total to offset us not taking any cards during cups challenges.

Regardless, this game is absolutely phenomenal, the world we created and the story that unfolded was absolutely perfect and we love it so much. Thanks for making this :))

You played the Cups challenges correctly — sorry if the instructions were a little unclear, but they're the only challenges where you bypass Follies/Wisdom/True Magic!

Typically you only take two wisdom cards for the "absent next time" follies.  No worries if you took more, it definitely tweaks the difficulty curve a little bit, but ultimately it sounds like y'all had a good time! Thank you for sharing! <3